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L.A.’s The Place Magazine is for people who love this inspired trendsetting metropolis of fun, sun, fashion, show business and beautiful people called Los Angeles. We bring you all-original content, interviews with celebrities and legendary people, coverage of celebrity and charity events, reviews and more. Catch info on upcoming events so you don’t miss out on any of the fun!

Kissed by the ocean, Vegas in its backyard, skiing in its mountains, surfing at its beaches, celebrities of all genres love to call Los Angeles home. Once you’ve lived here, you realize why no where else will do. At least that’s how us LA aficionados feel.

Los Angeles, a City of Dreams
L.A. attracts people who want to blaze a trail of their own. It’s the city of dreams where you can become the next celebrity on the horizon of glitz and glam. Or become a millionaire overnight with your indie film that you shot for under $50 grand.

A Zest for Life
Within its ever-pervasive sunshine and never-ending palm trees, there’s excitement going on everywhere all of the time in this city. With celebrity events open to the public, the best enterainment, a plethora of theatrical productions, and all the action any person with a zest for life can handle, why live anywhere else?

Hot New Trends
LA’s The Place Magazine is an insider and celebrates all the action that is happening around you on a daily basis. We enable you to be a part of it.

Get an insider’s perspective on the hottest trends in beauty, fashion, and products, the latest juicy news on the hot trend of gifting suites, hot red carpet action and celeb’s up close and personal musings.

Personal Interviews and Unique Perspectives
But besides all glitz and glam, Los Angeles is a world-class city, and we bring you the latest stories on the movers, shakers and legendary people of the world.

Personal interviews and unique perspectives with actors and beautiful people you’d love to hear from that you won’t read anywhere else, but in L.A’s The Place Magazine.

All original content, all the time…join us for the ride!

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